The PCCA Education & Research Foundation's pilot program at State Technical College of Missouri is a success largely due to the volunteer support of local PCCA member Sellenriek Construction. Students started in the school’s new Utility Systems Technician program in the fall of 2018.

At a recent meeting, the PCCA board approved a proposal from Mark Bridgers, Continuum Capital, entitled "Who Will Do the Work?" Bridgers worked with Sellenriek Construction on the pilot program and provided valuable economic statistics that helped assure State Technical College that such a program was needed. Moving forward, Bridgers will help coordinate the initiative and work with PCCA members in other areas of the country with similar programs. The PCCA education committee is currently negotiating with State Technical College for the rights to take the curriculuum developed in conjunction with Sellenriek to other colleges around the nation.

Details of the program may be viewed here.