During the 76th Annual PCCA Convention in Naples, Fla., in March, the PCCA Education & Research Foundation announced the recipients of its 2021-2022 scholarships: Moses Chapman, Lakewood, Wash.; Laith Emad Jhoda Almhimedawy, Aurora, Ill.; Mason Tribble, Carrollton, Ga.; Zachary Wells, Avon, Ohio; and Bruce Halfmann, Covina, Calif.

Bruce Halfmann earned the newly created $1,000 “Who Will Do the Work?” Scholar- ship for the 2021-22 academic year. He is affiliated with Henkels & McCoy and will study welding sciences at the State Technical College of Missouri. He hopes “to become a productive member of society, earn a good living, and be able to work anywhere in the world.”

The other four scholarships provide $2,500 per year for children and other dependents of PCCA members and their employees. The students selected can receive up to $10,000 (for those at- tending a four-year school) or $5,000 (for those attending a two-year program).

Moses Chapman,affiliated with Digital Control, Inc., will study mechanical engineering at San Diego State University. He is a 2021 graduate of Lakes High School in Lakewood, Wash., where he also played football.

Laith Emad Jhoda Almhimedawy, whose fa-ther works for Henkels & McCoy, will study civil engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “My life is a series of little goals which, when they are put together, will help me realize my target,” he said. “I have worked diligently thus far since high school because I realize that my previous education is only the foundation from which greater things will come.”

Mason Tribble is affiliated with Southwire Company and plans to study engineering at either the University of Georgia or Clemson University. “Although I enjoy creating things or solving problems, these are not my preeminent rationales for settling on engineering,” he said. “These passions are not my own; they are gifts from God, of which I am blessed to have received. I aspire to pursue engineering, a career that assimilates all of these gifted passions and skills together.”